Drunks blamed for defecation at Huntingdon library

LATE-NIGHT drunks who are routinely defecating in the entrance-way of Huntingdon library and urinating through its public drop box must be stopped, say community leaders.

LATE-NIGHT drunks who routinely defecate in the staff entrance of Huntingdon library and urinate through its public drop box must be stopped, say community leaders.

Calls have been made this week to tighten the alcohol licensing policy in the town centre after a series of anti-social behaviour incidents which has left library staff having to deal with the aftermath.

Earlier this month, staff opened the public drop box to discover someone had urinated into the box, destroying a stack of books, CDs and DVDs which had been left inside.

Staff say they also have to routinely clear up faeces and urine left in the staff entrance of the library.

Following their complaints, Cambridgeshire county councillor Sir Peter Brown is calling for an immediate review of licensing policy.

He said: “I do not understand just what motivates people who indulge in such acts. Quite clearly they take place out of library hours and are a result of too much drinking.

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“As a result, I am in contact with Jason Ablewhite, the new leader of Huntingdonshire District Council, to ask him to initiate a review of the liquor licensing policy in the town.

“Such behaviour cannot be blamed on any perceived lack of public conveniences. They are acts of gross misconduct which everyone, including the town’s licensees, must put a stop to.”

Suspected drug-takers using the library toilets are also thought to be to blame for setting off a smoke alarm at the library last month, and use of the toilets at the library is also under review.

Huntingdon PCSO Andy Goodwin said: “I have heard of incidents in the past, including people defecating in the staff entrance. It is drunk people who cannot be bothered to find a toilet.”

Cllr Ablewhite said: “This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable, and I will be asking our new chairman of licensing to undertake a review to ensure that all conditions that are in place are strictly adhered to.”