Dangerous driver jailed for speeding and possession of Cannabis

Man has been caught speeding in the St Ives area

Man jailed for speeding in the St Ives area - Credit: Archant

A man who was driving dangerously, reaching speeds of up to 108mph and jumped red light in St Ives, has been jailed.

Gareth Harrison, 29, drove along the A141 in Cambridgeshire on 4 July last year (2020) when his car triggered officers’ ANPR for potential drug supply and drug driving.

Officers attempted to pull over Harrison but he sped off, reaching speeds of more than 100mph and a pursuit started.

Officers caught up with him as he was doing 108mph, overtaking on blind bends.

Harrison continued to drive erratically, jumped a red light and drove 60mph in a 30mph residential area of St Ives.

Harrison’s car was successfully stung but he continued at speeds of up to 65mph, even though his tyre had started to deflate and others had no rubber left.

Utilising specially trained tactics, the vehicle was brought to a stop and the driver’s drug wipe tested positive for Cannabis.

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He was arrested for dangerous driving and possession of class B drugs after a bag of cannabis was later found in the car by a police dog.

Gareth Harrison, of Plover Close, Chatteris appeared at Cambridge Crown Court on Thursday May 20 after previously pleading guilty to dangerous driving and possession of a class B drug.

He was sentenced to 10 months in prison, disqualified from driving for two years and five months and must complete a retest.

PC Edd Davidson Smith said: “Harrison had no consideration for road users whilst driving erratically at dangerous speeds of more than 100mph.

"Not only that, but he had class B drugs on him. Anyone who is caught speeding, driving dangerously and in possession of drugs will be put before the courts.”

For more information on how to report anti-social driving, please visit our dedicated page https://bit.ly/3woTW7P.