Driver escapes ban despite being clocked doing 105mph on the A1 near Alconbury

The A1(M)

The A1(M) - Credit: Archant

A motorist, who was driving at more than 100mph, has escaped a driving ban after pleading with the court to not take his licence away.

Umar Anwar appeared a Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (August 10) after being caught driving at a speed of 105mph on the A1, in which the speed limit is 70mph, in his blue Mercedes Benz.

The 35-year-old was spotted by police officers on December 14 last year as he travelled northbound on the stretch of road towards Alconbury.

Anthea Harris, prosecuting, said: “The officers saw the blue Mercedes join the A1M from the A14 at a speed that officers decided was in excess of 70mph.”

The officers, in an unmarked vehicle, followed Anwar for three miles reading their speed as between 110 and 120mph.

Anwar, of Dagenham, in Essex, was then pulled over as the pursuit came to a halt in Sawtry.

In response, Anwar said that he had “no excuse” for his excess speeding except that the road “was clear”.

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He told the court: “I shouldn’t have been speeding I should have stuck at 70. On that day I was coming back from Manchester from seeing my kids.”

Magistrate Edward Rilly asked Anwar what effect having his licence taken away would have.

“It is going to stop me from working and stop me from seeing my kids – it is going to mess up a lot of things actually,” Mr Anwar said.

He also stated that by having his licence taken away it would potentially mean he would lose his house.

“I am usually a careful driver and I don’t usually speed. It was just one of them days; I was speeding and I shouldn’t have,” he added.

The court heard that Anwar did not have any previous driving convictions.

“Because you have a clean licence and we see how it would affect you to see your family, six points will be added to your licence,” Mr Rilly said.

Anwar was also fined £575 and was ordered to pay £85 in costs and a £58 surcharge.