Drink driver was more than five times legal limit when he caused crash

A DRINK driver caused a crash while more than five times the legal limit.

Simon Fletcher drove into the back of a car on Ambury Road at 6.40pm on October 25, causing the van to leave the road and become stuck on a verge. When police arrived at the scene, they saw Fletcher’s van with the 31-year-old behind the wheel. No one was injured in the crash.

Huntingdon magistrates heard that Fletcher started revving the engine very hard so the officers took the key out of the ignition.

Paul Brown, prosecuting, said: “He told the police it was the other vehicle’s fault because they stopped suddenly. The officers smelt alcohol and he was taken to Huntingdon Police Station where he gave a high reading.

“In interview he fully admitted causing the accident and the offence, and said that he drank half a litre of vodka from about 8-9am to 4pm.

“He said he was going to his friend’s to watch some football and that he felt OK to drive.”

Mr Brown added that Fletcher was driving at 15mph at the time of the incident and that in his interview he was concerned about the welfare of the other driver.

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The court heard that Fletcher, a self-employed carpenter of Merritt Street, Huntingdon admitted being an alcoholic.

Julian Hopley, defending, said: “This day has brought the drinking problem to a very ugly head.”

Fletcher admitted driving with excess alcohol and failing to surrender on November 12, when he was due to return on police bail.

The magistrates ordered an all-options pre-sentence report for Fletcher’s sentencing date on December 13 and he was given an interim ban from driving.