Dozens of people took to Huntingdon High Street this morning (Friday) as part of worldwide climate change protests.

Naomi Tilley supporting the strike today in the High StreetNaomi Tilley supporting the strike today in the High Street

As part of the week-long 'Global Strike For Climate', protesters gathered in High Street to protest and raise awareness of climate change.

People of all ages from Huntingdonshire took part in a "die in", where they laid on the floor in a circle, to attract attention.

Members of the Huntingdon Extinction Rebellion group attended the strike, alongside members of the Woodlands Trust and climate change activists.

Ireen Calyden joined the protest alongside her two children, who held signs saying 'you are never too small to make a difference'.

Ireen Clayden took part in the strike too.Ireen Clayden took part in the strike too.

Ireen said: "I am doing this to show my children that I am trying to stop what is happening. Our Government aren't doing anything about it, so we need to take a stand. This is going to affect their future, and I want my children to know how hard we are working to help save the planet."

The strike is part a global day of action, which started in Australia, with organisers estimating about 300,000 people will take part.

They are calling for "climate justice" and for "an end to the age of fossil fuels".

Burce Greetham, from the Huntingdon Extinction Rebellion group, led the town 'die in', and he was joined by activists who laid on the ground to highlight the risk of the human race becoming extinct as a result of climate change

People from around Huntingdon took part in a die-in in the High Street People from around Huntingdon took part in a die-in in the High Street

Bruce said: "I am here to support all of those who are on strike. Not everyone who is will be part of Extinction Rebellion but we want to show that we support what they are doing."

Extinction Rebellion, which organised its own climate and environment protests in the UK earlier this year, said it stood "in solidarity" with those taking part.

Naomi Tilley, who works for the Woodlands Trust, said: "I am here to raise awareness for what is happening in the world, and to try and help put a stop to climate change."