Double D-Day for Godmanchester woman’s artwork

KELLY McDowell-Farrington really puts herself into her artwork.

Her painted plate featuring a World War II bomber, which was presented to members of the Bristol Blenheim Society on Sunday (September 25) was partly painted using her breasts to create the propellers.

But this is no Turner Prize-inspired piece of work. Kelly’s piece actually has a meaning as it was created as part of a fundraising effort that has so far bagged �5,000 for Breast Cancer Care.

Kelly, who works for Crazy Glazy, the ceramic caf� in Cambridge Street, Godmanchester, is the co-creator of the shop’s ‘Squish A Boob’ charity event – a fundraiser that allows women to create artwork using their breasts – an annual event scheduled to again take place next month.

At last year’s Kelly, 38, had thought about creating a Lancaster bomber. But there was one fundamental problem – it has four propellers.

However, Kelly spotted the Bristol Blenheim Society’s slogan – Happiness is Big Bristols – and knew she was destined to create the World War II bomber.

“I was much more in love with the idea of a romantic Lancaster, like the ones my grandfather and great uncle had flown, and I toyed with the idea of producing a second plate to pay homage to the bigger bomber but realised that four propellers was a little too unnatural and unrealistic,” Kelly said.

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“I decided then, if it was to be the Blenheim, I would like the permission of the society to reproduce its likeness and borrow the slogan. And so, in October 2010 I produced my plate, an artistic rendering of the Bristol Blenheim taken from pictures I found on the society’s website.

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the plate turned out. And to add to my excitement, the 2010 event raised more than �2,500, our greatest amount to date, bringing the three years’ total to over �5,000. And all to the credit of brave women willing to let us paint their breasts!”

Kelly visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford to present the plate to the society and was given an insight into the plane’s history and the part it played in the war.

“My trip to Duxford with my family – husband Rob, daughter Sophie, 3, and son Matthew, 5 – to visit the Bristol Blenheim was thrilling, humbling, sombre, light-hearted, hopeful and inspirational,” she added. “What started as a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek homage to breasts with a vintage flair, ended up being an eye-opening journey.”

INFORMATION: The next Squish A Boob event takes place in the evenings of October 7, 14 and 21 when privacy is assured! Everyone is encouraged to wear pink and create their own breast print. Half of the price of the plate is given to charity. For more information call 01480 350863.