'Go elsewhere' - Hotel slammed for 'offensive' sign outside venue

The Dolphin Hotel Cambridge in St Ives 

The Dolphin Hotel Cambridge in St Ives has left a stern message for the public, after facing staff shortages. - Credit: Vanessa Lambert

The Dolphin Hotel Cambridge in St Ives has left a stern message for the public, after facing staff shortages.  

The sign stresses that staff at the hotel are doing their best despite their challenges and people should not turn to social media to complain.  

The sign read: “We are short on staff and they are doing their best their best.  

“You may have to wait and prices are posted.  

“If you can’t wait or afford to drink here, don’t go on social media and complain.... go elsewhere.” 

Another sign also read: “Outside food and drink is not allowed on the premises.” 

Many people took to social media to complain about the sign. 

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One Facebook user wrote: “Wow someone needs a hospitality management course – I think what you meant to say was 'We appreciate your patience, we are currently suffering a staff shortage but those working are doing their best.  

“Please feel free to peruse the menu whilst you wait and we will be with you as soon as we can.

"Please continue to support our business by only consuming items purchased on the property, we appreciate your custom, thankyou.” 

Another Facebook user wrote: “Used to love the Dolphin.  

“Was the place to go for a meal and drinks. Now i won't ever set foot in there again.  

“PS dear Manager i can afford your drinks just not your attitude and loss of care about your community.” 

Another Facebook user wrote: “To think that someone has consciously sat down and thought 'I've got a good idea.... I'll make a notice that is offensive to all my potential customers and makes it immediately obvious that I couldn't give two figs for customer service', and has then made such a notice and put it up, and has never thought that it might not be a very clever idea...boggles the mind!” 

Other Facebook users supported the sign being there, one user wrote: “Best post I've ever seen. Every owner of a business has wrote this out a 1000 times. But never had the balls to put it out... the Restaurant and catering industry is on its arse.

"They can't get the staff because. 1Poor wages. 2. Abuse from customers who demand 5 star service while they pay for a 2 star meal... now lockdown is over no One wants to work in the trade... and those that do are working 80 hours a week on minimum wage. To keep you happy. Maybe these people have had enough.” 

Another wrote: “Sorry but as a business owner I see their side of it though I don't work in the same industry I'm sick and tired of dealing with rude and arrogant customers who try and tell me how to do my job and a lot of people if they have a complaint go straight on Facebook or Google without even thinking of speaking to me and do you have any idea how damaging that can be to business.” 

We have approached The Dolphin Hotel for a comment.