Can you provide any information about the people in this old archive photo?

Do you know where our Hunts Post archive photo was taken?

Do you know where our Hunts Post archive photo was taken? - Credit: Archant

In the third week of our new Looking Back feature we have published a photograph we discovered in our archives.

It has no references or date on the back and there is very little to suggest a location just by looking at the photograph.

We are hoping our readers can provide some clues. Maybe someone will recognise themselves or a family member and let us know.

If you think you can help, email Debbie Davies.

Last week we published a photograph sent in by Chris Reed from St Ives. It showed children playing in a flooded street. We know is was taken in St Ives in 1912 in West Street at the corner of Globe Place, but we thought it would be nice to have some more information about the children in the photograph who don't seem to be too perturbed about the flooded street.

So far, we haven't had anyone contact us with any information about the children or whether they remember family members talking about the flood in 1912. If you can help then send us an email.

On the first week of the Looking Back feature we ran a photograph of St Neots Market Square and we had lots of comments from readers, many of which we have already published, but here are a couple more that add a bit more to the story of St Neots Market Square and life in the town, including one lady who recognised her old car.

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Phyllis Parratt of Stonely said: "I was so pleased to see the photograph which shows my little Morris Minor where I parked it every day whilst working in St Neots. It would be 1956 to 1960."

Peter Moss also emailed in to say: "I would reckon that it was taken sometime in late fifties or early sixties.

"Looking at the picture on the right hand side of Woolies was a shop I first started work in 1965 which was Hunts Electrical.

"This shop was owned by Fred Eayres along with other properties in the town. The shop would not have been allowed to be knocked down nowadays as part of the Priory wall was inside the building plus a well in the middle of the shop."

If you have any information about this week's photo or you would like to send us an old photograph for publication, email:

We are happy to accept readers' photos with some information about the subject matter and date.