Looking Back: Can you provide any information about our 1912 photograph taken somewhere in Huntingdon

This photograph was taken in Huntingdon in 1912

This photograph was taken in Huntingdon in 1912 - Credit: Archant

This week’s Looking Back photograph from the Hunts Post archives is labelled ‘Huntingdon Pageant 1912’.

We do not have any other details about who is in the image or exactly where in Huntingdon it was taken. There are not many clues, but there seem to be some names which have been written on the photograph. It is difficult to read, but we have made out: 'Dick Brown', 'Mercy Brava', 'Mrs Smith' 'Braybrooks' and possibly 'Holloway'. If you can shed any light on the location or the history of the Huntingdon pageant or any of the people featured, then let us know.

A few weeks ago we published a photograph of a St Neots Fatstock dinner, which was sent in by Brian Storey. Rebecca Twigden emailed to say: "I recognise my father, Peter Willmer JP BEM sitting next to Harold Storey, the father of your contributor. They appear in the bottom left hand corner of the photograph on the front page. Mr Willmer worked as an auctioneer for Ekins Dilley and Handley for approximately 50 years."

If you would like to comment on any of our Looking Back photos or have an image you would to submit, contact: debbie.davies@archant.co.uk.

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