Djanogly retains Huntingdon seat and increases majority

Huntingdonshire Election results 2015,

Huntingdonshire Election results 2015, - Credit: Archant

Jonathan Djanogly retained his Huntingdon seat at Thursday’s election but the Liberal Democrats were the big losers on the night.

Jonathan Djanogly retained his Huntingdon seat at Thursday’s General Electiona and immediately declared the win a “vote for continuity”.

The result gives the Conservatives a resounding majority of 19,404 – compared with a majority of 10,819 in the 2010 election.

“The Conservatives are still not out of the woods and there is still a lot of work to be done on the economy and moving the country forward, but the vote you are seeing tonight is a vote for continuity,” he said.

“Huntingdon is a great place to live and work and although there are challenges I have the drive and the motivation to take our district forward.”

Mirroring the national picture, the big losers on the night were the Liberal Democrats, whose share of the vote was down 21.1 per cent on the last election, which knocked Rod Cantrill into fourth position.

Mr Cantrill confirmed that growth, cost of living and infrastructure were all key issues during the campaign.

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“It was a mixture of local issues with national themes,” he said.

Labour’s Nik Johnson – whose campaign was focused around securing the future of Hinchingbrooke Hospital – improved Labour’s standing in Huntingdon by polling just over 10,000 votes, catapulting him into second place.

Dr Johnson said he fought hard on the issues of the NHS.

“For obvious reasons the first thing that people defaulted to was the NHS, which I was always keen to talk about,” said Dr Johnson.

UKIP’s Paul Bullen also managed to improve his share of the vote, coming third. He said the feedback on the doorstep had been positive.

“The economy is not as good as the Conservatives make out and people don’t believe it’s safe. When people realise just how much money the government has borrowed compared to the last two Labour governments they are surprised.”

Tom MacLennan representing the Green Party saw his share of the vote rise, he said: “About a third of people on the doorstep said ‘wow you’re the first person we have seen’ and about another third of people were not engaged at all.”

At just after 4.30am on Friday, returning officer Victor Lucas, the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire, announced the result.

The results were as follows. Voter turnout was 67.9% compared to 64.94% in 2010.

Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative) 29,652 – voter share 53% up 4.2%.

Dr Nik Johnson (Labour) 10,248 – voter share 18.3% - up 7.3%.

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 9,473 – 16.9% - voter share – up 10.9%.

Rod Cantrill (Lib Dem) 4,374 – 7.8% voter share – down 21.1%.

Tom MacLennan (Green Party) 2,178 – 3.9% voter share up 2.7.