Conservatives hold seat as Jonathan Djanogly wins overall Huntingdon majority

Mr Djanogly was re-elected as the MP for Huntingdon at 3:15am at One Leisure St Ives.

Mr Djanogly was re-elected as the MP for Huntingdon at 3:15am at One Leisure St Ives. - Credit: Archant

The Conservative Party kept hold of its seat in Huntingdon after Jonathan Djanogly fended off competition from the Labour Party.

The announcement confirming Mr Djanogly's re-election as the MP for Huntingdon came through at about 3.15am at One Leisure, in St Ives.

Mr Djanogly polled 32,386 votes, securing a 19,383 majority over rival Samuel Sweek.

Mr Djanogly told the Hunts Post before the results were announced, that he was "confident".

An elated Mr Djanogly, who has served as the Huntingdon MP since 2001, said: "We live in a time of great change and opportunity in our fast expanding local community. "I look forward to playing my part in ensuring that this constituency and all of its residents move forward together at this exciting time. Also as part of the Conservative majority who I think will do great things for our country. Thank you once again for this opportunity; I shall give it my best." There was a swing from previous Labour supporters to the Lib Dems, with Mark Argent gaining 4,342 votes from the last election, and Labour losing 5,437 votes.

The number of ballot papers that were spoilt was 266, with 44 people voting for more than one candidate. This is up by 95 per cent from 2017, where only 136 ballots were rejected.

The Huntingdon Labour party lost 5,437 votes, compared to 2017, when Dr Nik Johnson secured 18,440 votes.

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This time around, Paul Bullen, who stood for UKIP in 2017, was one of the 300 candidates axed after the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage announced that they would no longer fight seats held by the Tories.

The unexpected Brexit Party move was out of fears that they could split the leave vote and cost the Conservatives a majority at the general election, leading to a second Brexit referendum.

Mr Bullen then made the last minute decision to stand as an independent Brexiter. He polled 1,789 votes, down from when he stood for UKIP when he got 2,180 votes.

Full result: Mark Argent (Liberal Democrat) 9,432, Paul Bullen (Independent) 1,789,

Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative Party) 32,386, Daniel Laycock (Green Party) 2,233, Samuel Sweek (Labour Party) 13,003, Tom Varghese (Independent) 304.