Disabled people encouraged to ask for help to stop them from losing out on benefits

Asking for help with new PIP forms could prevent disabled people from losing out on benefits.

Asking for help with new PIP forms could prevent disabled people from losing out on benefits. - Credit: Sarah Allison

Disabled people in Huntingdonshire have been urged to seek help with new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Forms after fears they could lose out on benefits.

Rural Cambs Citizens Advice Bureau has seen a 50 per cent increase in PIP applicants seeking help since last year, with at least 26 people needing assistance in just three months.

The new PIP forms use different criteria than the previous Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for calculating benefits. If filled out incorrectly, the applicant may receive less money or may even be denied help altogether.

The Right Advice, Right Time partnership, which includes the Citizens Advice Bureau and CHESS, is offering help for people filling out the PIP forms, and has urged people to get in touch.

Tony Lindsay, of CHESS, said: “When your claim for PIP is assessed, the amount you are awarded may be more or less than the amount of Disability Living Allowance you received before. It is also possible that you will not qualify for any Personal Independence Payment as the criteria are different.

“We would strongly recommend people get help with the forms because by filling in the form incorrectly you could lose out.”

Most DLA users will remain with the previous system, but some will have to switch to PIP, including DLA recipients turning 16, people who have a change in their condition and DLA recipients coming to the end of a fixed-term award.

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Nick Blencowe, of Rural Cambs Citizens Advice Bureau, said: “Through working with our partners we can provide help filling in PIP forms either at a CAB or home visit if needed, or if you haven’t been successful first time, we can support you through the appeals process.”

INFORMATION: Call 0344 2451292.