Diamond Huntingdonshire couple celebrate 60 years of marriage

Alconbury Weston couple Maureen Marsh and David Marsh, celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Alconbury Weston couple Maureen Marsh and David Marsh, celebrate their wedding anniversary. - Credit: Archant

An Alconbury Weston couple received a message from the Queen as they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

A 21-year-old David Marsh was working as a merchant in the city when he met secretary Maureen, five years his junior. He saved up his money until he had enough for a place to live before they got married in Selsdon, south London, on August 21, 1954.

Sixty years later, they joined friends at the Alconbury Thursday Club for a trip to Nene Valley Railway and a week later, on Thursday (August 28) the Marshes had a celebratory meal at Alconbury Sports and Social Club.

Mr Marsh, 86, said: “I was 21 when I met Maureen and I was worried I was too old for her as she was 16. I wanted to save up so we had somewhere to live after we were married as I’m old-fashioned like that.”

After the wedding, they moved to Tunbridge Wells before living in Sheffield and Somerset and eventually moving to Alconbury 17 years ago to be close to their grandchildren.

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Mrs Marsh, 81, said: “We didn’t know that we were going to have the card from the Queen so it was a nice surprise.”

Mr Marsh said: “We are joined at the hip so it was a problem trying to get each other a card, let alone trying to get a diamond.”

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He added that tolerance was the reason for their enduring love. “We are quite different people – I am the mouth and Maureen is the brains and she tolerates me. We are still close and cuddle up together in bed,” he said.

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