Shop providing low price food for vulnerable families opens in Huntingdon

Diamond Hampers' Lianne Simpson and Charlotte Heritage open shop 

Diamond Hampers' Lianne Simpson and Charlotte Heritage open shop - Credit: Lianne Simpson

A firm providing low cost food has opened a shop in Huntingdon town centre this week.  

Lianne Simpson founder of Diamond Hampers and director Charlotte Heritage have opened the shop called‘The Pantry in All Saints Passage, in Huntingdon.  

Diamond Hampers was founded in January 2020 and collects food that is not sold in supermarkets by the end of the day and then distributes items to families in need across Huntingdonshire. 

Last year the organisation provided a staggering 108,000 meals to people across the district, including the homeless. 

Lianne said: “Wherever we could we would use ingredients such as a cauliflower and make a batch of cauliflower cheese to provide as a hot meal to a homeless person. 

“We have a team of 50 volunteers who help to deliver food parcels and hot meals across the district.  

“Last year, we recorded our volunteers had dedicated collectively over 60,000 hours to help prepare and distribute meals to people in need within Huntingdonshire. 

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“We wanted to provide a pantry of affordable food for low-income families, which will sell fresh fruit and vegetables, so people can come along and get the things they need.” 

“What we wanted was to create an evolution as a food bank really and that was to create some independence for people to be able to access food for themselves.  

“The food will be provided at a low cost and some cases it will be for free, even if people come along with a few pennies, they have got something.  

“We are all very excited to be opening the shop, and we have already got people signed to volunteer at the shop.” 

“I never pictured that a year ago when I started Diamond Hampers that a year later I would be opening a shop, I am really proud of what all of the volunteers at Diamond Hampers have achieved.” 

The Pantry will be open six days a week for people to collect food they need. 

If you would like to find out more about Diamond Hampers visit: