Diabetes support group opens in Huntingdon

John Brown

John Brown - Credit: Archant

A new group to help and support diabetes suffers, Type 2 Together, has opened in Huntingdon.

The group, lead by John Brown, 62, and Dave Deboo, 51, from Ramsey, is one of nine new groups across the county for adults with Type 2 diabetes.

It has been set up by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with Diabetes UK.

Retired vet John was diagnosed with the condition six years ago, while Dave has lived with Type 2 for 11 years.

John, who is one of 48,300 people in Cambridgeshire who suffer from the condition, has a family history of Type 2 diabetes. People with close family with the condition are more at risk of developing it themselves.

John explained: “I think people with Type 2 diabetes are sometimes too embarrassed to talk about it because of the concern that people will think it’s our fault and we caused it by being overweight or drinking too much.

“Our objective is to help people stay healthier for longer. We can improve our health by getting good advice and support.

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“Meeting up with people who are in a similar situation helps to get back some control and you know you are not on your own.”

Fellow volunteer Dave added: “Having diabetes can be traumatic and scary, but being in a group where everyone has the same condition helps us all. People feel able to ask questions they might not be comfortable or confident asking their GP.”

More volunteers are needed to help make Type 2 Together groups available to more people living with the condition.

Sharon Roberts from Diabetes UK said: “We are looking for committed people with Type 2 diabetes to lead the groups, as well as others who would like to come along and take part.”

Volunteers will need to be able to commit to a one-day training session and have a few hours to spare each month.

To find out more about Type 2 Together, ring 0345 123 2399 or email Type2Together@diabetes.org.uk.