Interactive map shows Covid Delta variant cases in Huntingdonshire

Indian Variant 

Indian Variant - Credit: PA

More than 60 per cent of Covid cases recorded in Huntingdonshire in one week were the Delta variant. 

In the seven days leading up to June 5, there were 21 Delta cases recorded in the district out of 34 Covid-19 cases. 

The variant, known as the ‘Delta’ variant by the World Health Organisation (WHO) saw the first case in the UK in Northern Ireland in early May.    

See on the interactive map below the percentage of variant Covid cases. 

Since Covid-19 arrived in Huntingdonshire, a total of 41 Delta variant cases have been recorded out of 241 covid cases.   

Comparing this to Cambridge, out of 22 cases of Covid-19 recorded leading up to June 5, only three were recorded as Delta variant cases.   

Since Covid-19 arrived in Cambridge only 10 cases were recorded as the Delta variant, from 294 cases.