Day of mourning declared outside ‘Camp Beagle’ in Wyton

James, from Staffordshire, has been at Camp Beagle for several weeks now.

James, from Staffordshire, became vegan about 12 years ago, and has been camping with the Wyton protestors, through rain and shine for over three week - Credit: CAMP BEAGLE

Animal rights campaigners have hosted a ‘day of mourning’ outside the dubbed ‘Camp Beagle’ in Wyton for animals being bred for research.

Activists from around the country joined in the campaign, as demands to close the MBR Acres site and release 2,000 beagle puppies being reared for animal testing continued.

Campaigners have been camping outside the facility for weeks, insisting they’ll stay until the site is shut.

The road was flanked with signage attempting to persuade drivers passing by that there are alternatives to animal testing and eating animals.

It is reported that police blocked the road off from traffic as a safety precaution.

In July, the Understanding Animal Research organisation told The Hunts Post: ‘Research animals are all specially bred. Scientists’ data will be thrown off if variables, like stress or ill-health, affect the animals so they’re bred to be in top condition.

‘They also need to feel comfortable in a lab environment so that’s their normal. The MBR site is inspected regularly by the Home Office to ensure the following standards are met or exceeded.’