A man has been charged in connection with a burglary in Holme following information provided by members of the public.

David Dwyer, 54, of Park Lane in Peterborough, was arrested by officers on Long Drove, Holme yesterday morning (25 March).

Detective Sergeant Colin Norden said: “This arrest and charge is a perfect example of how the public can help us. Their quick actions to initially detain the suspect, film him escaping and reporting to us undoubtedly made the arrest much simpler.

“We would like to thank these members of the public for their actions.”

Anyone wishing to report suspicious activity in their area can report this to us by calling 101, or reporting online at www.cambs.police.uk/report. Always call 999 if a crime is in progress.

Cambridgeshire police said: “You can tell us any information you may have about criminal or suspicious activity in your community. Information provided will be reviewed and could help to stop a crime or convict an offender.”