Daughter calls for disabled parking bay close to her father’s Huntingdon home

A disabled parking bay is needed for Tom Calcott, with (l-r) daughter Mandy Calcott and wife Eve Cal

A disabled parking bay is needed for Tom Calcott, with (l-r) daughter Mandy Calcott and wife Eve Calcott, at their home in Beech Close, Huntingdon. - Credit: Archant

A desperate daughter is battling to get a disabled parking bay near her father’s Huntingdon home.

Mandy Calcott said her father Tom, of Beech Close, was crippled with arthritis and in October was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour, which is gradually robbing him of the use of his limbs.

The bay would allow his wife, Eve, to park closer to home and make it easier to get Mr Calcott to hospital appointments.

“Dad has to use a wheelchair because of arthritis in his knees and then we thought he had suffered a stroke because his arm was numb and he could not use it,” she said.

“A brain tumour was diagnosed and he is now having radiotherapy.”

Miss Calcott, also of Beech Close, said parking was atrocious in the area and they could not park near her 62-year-old father’s house.

Last Wednesday, Mr Calcott fell from his wheelchair and hit his head while he was trying to get up a kerb.

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“It was really heartbreaking to see my father, who has not been able to work for months, like that. My mum and I could not pick him up and had to get a neighbour to help us,” said Miss Calcott.

She contacted Cambridgeshire County Council’s highways department and was told it did not own their area of the road.

Miss Calcott said she had already been told by the housing association Luminus that the area in question was not its responsibility either.

Despite this, the father and daughter were directed to the CCC website for an application form for a disabled parking bay.

However, they were also advised there was no budget left and that applications would be considered after April 2014, unless they wished to fund the work themselves at a cost of £1,700.

Miss Calcott said: “We cannot afford to pay for a bay ourselves and we can’t wait until April – we desperately need this now.

“I know councils have to run to budgets, but we pay our Council Tax, too, so is too much to expect to get the help we need when we need it?”

A CCC spokesman confirmed an informal discussion had taken place with the Calcotts but said there was no funding until the next financial year.

He said: “The needs of the residents in Beech Close and Mr Calcott’s personal circumstances will be taken into consideration, together with other applications that we receive for funding.”

Miss Calcott, who works for the district council, said she would be contacting their county councillor to discuss the situation.

Can you help? Do you know a solution that would allow Mr Calcott easy access to his home? Email news@huntspost.co.uk