Danger warning at St Ives junction as barriers obscure the view

Nicki Coulter at the junction.

Nicki Coulter at the junction. - Credit: Archant

A woman from St Ives fears there will be a serious or even fatal accident at a busy junction because maintenance work to replace a lamppost is obscuring the view for motorists.

Nicki Coulter (pictured), 53, of Norfolk Road, says drivers attempting to turn right into Marley Road already have a limited view and 10 barriers, which have been erected around a hole for the old lamppost, are impeding the view even further.

Mrs Coulter, who is married with three children, says there have been numerous incidents involving drivers taking the corner too fast and crashing into neighbours’ gardens.

She contacted Balfour Beatty’s Living Places team, who are carrying out the work, and asked if the work could be completed as a matter of urgency.

“It took them 10 days to reply, which wasn’t helpful,” she said. “I understand that this work has to be done, but the barriers are making it impossible to see anything coming from the right and I believe there will be a serious accident.

“This junction is dangerous at the best of times and all I wanted was Balfour Beatty to prioritise the work, because, if not, it is quite likely someone will die.”

Kirsty Gray, from Balfour Beatty, said someone from the company visited the site on Monday and remedial work had been carried out.

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“We understand Mrs Coulter’s concerns, but unfortunately we need to wait for the power company to complete their work before we can get back on site. We sent a member of the team out on Monday and we have boxed the barriers in as tightly as possible, which should help. The barriers are designed with holes in them to allow drivers to see along the road.”

Balfour Beatty estimates the work could take up to five weeks.