Future of new Huntingdon junction to be discussed this week

A crash that happened Tuesday October 2, on Hinchingbrooke Park Road

A crash that happened Tuesday October 2, on Hinchingbrooke Park Road which links Views Common Road and the A1307. - Credit: Omar Gundran

Highways chiefs are meeting on Thursday to discuss safety at a new road junction in Huntingdon which has been the scene of a spate of accidents and near misses.

The Hunts Post reported councillors' concerns over the junction, on Hinchingbrooke Park Road, which attracted a stream of comments on our Facebook page.

There have been around half a dozen collisions and many near misses at the junction, outside Cambridgeshire police headquarters, since it opened last September as part of the £1.5 billion A14 upgrade.

Question marks have been raised over the timing of the lights at the junction, particularly affecting traffic from the Brampton direction.

Paul Bennett commented on our Facebook post: "It's the traffic lights not the drivers as someone stated on here, I had a near miss with a car a couple of weeks ago.

"I was coming off the new road beside the police headquarters to go right towards Hinchingbrooke park lights were green and a car coming from the Brampton side opposite came straight towards me so I'm assuming he's lights were also green. 

Luckily both being good drivers we stopped then carried on with our journey. So it's the traffic lights system which is the problem and I repeat not the drivers.

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Neil Cosbey added: "Typical new road layouts and light timings. Just look at the ring-road. What accidents will we have at the Railway/Brampton Road crossroad when that's done?"

"The drivers from Brampton/ train station have right of way over the crossing to the police HQ but its not actually that clear... so dangerous.. specially when all the children are about," said Rebecca Wallace.

Mark Hills says: "At lot of the problems come from people that can’t read the road signs and to be honest the new junction at Hinchingbrooke is controlled by lights so I’d say it’s more inpatient people trying to get through after a green light has gone."

Local district councillor John Morris has said he is "urging Cambridgeshire County Council and National Highways to get together before there is a more serious accident or worse."

He said there had been around half a dozen collisions at the junction since it opened in September and a series of near misses.