Cambridgeshire dancer tops nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram fitness page to help people workout during coronavirus crisis

Dancer Chloe Colman is live streaming her workouts

Dancer Chloe Colman is live streaming her workouts - Credit: Archant

A performer in Cambridgeshire has launched an Instagram account with free live workouts – gaining almost 30,000 followers from around the world in under two weeks.

Chloe Colman set up her Live Stream Dance Fitness page when she realised how much time she would be losing as a performer due to Covid-19.

The 22-year-old, who is currently studying at the Bodywork Dance Company, in Cambridge, was scrolling through social media when she noticed dozens of choreographers and teachers providing free classes online.

“These became very difficult to keep up with, which is where Live Stream Dance Fitness was founded,” she said.

“So I set up the Instagram account to provide both dancers and those wanting to keep fit with daily timetables of classes available around the world.

“We have now introduced Q&A sessions with industry professionals who have worked in the West End, on cruises and television.”

Chloe has also joined forces with a mental health ambassador to add live chats and inspirational content to her platform – which she shares with hundreds of people across Huntingdonshire on social media.

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She continued: “In just over two weeks of having our social media account we have gained almost 30,000 followers, from every part of the world, looking for both dance and fitness classes that are provided free and online.

“I think this shows the amount of interest there is around online classes during this difficult time.

“Exercise helps with a variety of things including reducing stress, helping with sleep, improving the immune system and producing endorphins which create a sense of peace and pleasure.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Chloe’s main focus was her performing arts business The CMT Company.

They were due to be opening their first weekend academy in the Cambridgeshire area after Easter, but this has now been put on hold.

Live Stream Dance Fitness has also received attention from investors and entrepreneurs who have looked at ways to expand the social media account.

“We are now very excited to be working with a strong team to bring something which has never succeeded before and will be announcing things very shortly,” Chloe added.

Check out @Livestreamdancefitness on Instagram for all free daily dance and fitness classes.