A CRACKDOWN on “danger” cyclists led by Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner could be extended to Huntingdon if there is evidence people are breaking the law.

Sir Graham Bright said he would watch carefully for illegal cycling the next time he is in Huntingdon’s High Street after reports that people have complained about people riding in the pedestrianised zone – as highlighted last year by the town mayor, Councillor Colin Hyams.

Upon being elected to the post in November, one of the first things he did was talk to Chief Constable Simon Parr about anti-social cycling in other parts of the county.

That led to undercover officers being used to stop people breaking the law by riding without lights, failing to stop at traffic lights or riding in the wrong direction down one-way streets.

“If I see it in Huntingdon, then I will certainly take it up,” the 70-year-old said. “We’re not prepared to have cherry-picking of the law. The law is the law whether you are a cyclist or a car driver and you have to obey the law.”

He hopes the undercover work done elsewhere in Cambridgeshire will also have a knock-on effect to other parts of the county.

In November Cllr Hyams “declared war on cyclists” who ignore the High Street ban, adding: “A lot of people are complaining and we need to do something about it.”