Pupils from Priory Junior School are hoping their cup stacking skills will count towards a Guinness World Record attempt.

Stacking cups at Priory School in St Neots. Picture: ARCHANTStacking cups at Priory School in St Neots. Picture: ARCHANT

They were given a demonstration during an assembly and then a week later took part in a 30-minute session where they stacked as many cups as possible.

The results were monitored and then sent to the World Sport Stacking Association, which is the official participant in the Guinness World Record attempt. There are hundreds of thousands of participants from around the globe who have already had their stacking verified by the WSSA. Schools are still uploading their results and are hoping to get above 635,000 to break the world record.

"What we can confirm is that the children really enjoyed taking part and developing their co-ordination and precision, carefully and quickly stacking thousands of cups," said Carolyn Tully from the school.