Crowds amazed as flag throwers bring Italian culture to Huntingdon

 Gubbio Flag Throwers in Huntingdon Market Square,

Gubbio Flag Throwers in Huntingdon Market Square, - Credit: Archant

A spectacular display of colour, sound and Italian culture was bought to Huntingdon at the weekend.

The Gubbio Flag Throwers armed with their amazing flags wowed crowds as they took to the Market Square to showcase their talents.

Organised by the Huntingdon and Godmanchester Twinning Association the performers were welcomed to the town as a part of three-year-old link that the area has with Gubbio.

Committee member Mike Humphrey said: “The performances went brilliantly, they were both well supported. The flag throwers were very colourful and loud and brash but were very skilled.”

Before taking to the street the travelling members, who stayed with hosts from the committee, were given a tour of Huntingdon and Godmanchester with the support from the town and district councils and the Freemans Trust.

The flag throwers have been performing for 40 years with around 50 active members, that are all volunteers who aim to maintain the traditions of the Gubbio area that date back to the medieval era.