Men arrested for carrying knuckle-duster and baton

Two men have been arrested after carrying offensive weapons. 

Two men have been arrested in Huntingdon for carrying a baton and another in Peterborough for carrying a knuckleduster. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Two men have been arrested for carrying a baton in Huntingdon.   

The pair were apprehended by Cambridgeshire Police today after officers discovered a baton hidden inside a vehicle in Huntingdon. 

In Peterborough, officers also found a baseball bat and a knuckle-duster on another man during a stop and search.

Cambridgeshire Police in a Facebook post said: "Convinced he wasn’t on the way to a baseball game, officers seized the weapons and gave him a night in custody instead.

“Today’s top tip: if you carry a knuckleduster or baton, don’t be surprised if you get arrested.  

“That’s what happened to two men in their 40s stopped by police in Huntingdon.

"Officers suspected something wasn’t quite right and found this baton hidden inside the vehicle. 

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“Following a change in the law it is now illegal to own certain weapons, including knuckledusters, even if kept on private property.” 

Visit the police website for more information #SaferCambs