24 Hours in Police Custody: This is what happened to Alex Fitzpatrick

Footage showed Robert Parkins running away after he killed Alex Fitzpatrick.

Footage showed Robert Parkins running away after he killed Alex Fitzpatrick. - Credit: CAMBS POLICE

Alex Fitzpatrick was killed in a brutal attack in a quiet suburban street in Eaton Socon, St Neots, on October 13, 2019. 

As the 30-year-old lay bleeding to death on the ground, his killer, Robert Parkins, thought only of himself and ran from the scene, leaving Alex bleeding to death in the road.

The events leading up to the horrific act were that Alex, from Huntingdon, had driven to St Neots to his former partner's home in Prince Close to hand over his son's glasses.

Mr Fitzpatrick got into a disagreement with his son’s mother who went back into the house and moments later Parkins came out holding a kitchen knife.

The pair argued and a scuffle, which only lasted for a few minutes, broke out. Parkins ran away leaving Mr Fitzpatrick lying on the ground bleeding to death.

Parkins ran to his sister’s house and called for a lift to a property in London where he was later arrested by police.

Emergency services were called but Mr Fitzpatrick was declared dead at the scene.

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A post mortem examination revealed Alex had suffered 15 stab wounds including injuries to the chest area as well as two incised slashed wounds.

Parkins, aged 33, of Darrington Close, Eaton Socon, was found guilty of murder by a unanimous jury at the Old Bailey, in London. He was later sentenced to 19 years in prison. 

Paying tribute to their son, Alex's parents Mary Reading and Dave Fitzpatrick said: “Alex was a loving and devoted father, son and brother to his eight siblings.

“He was always there for us and tried to better himself every day.”

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Michael Branston, said: “This was a brutal, frenzied and sustained attack resulting in the death of a man whose son will now grow up without his father in his life."