Peterborough voyeur jailed after camera found in family bathroom

A 54-year-old voyeur from Peterborough was given a 21-week prison sentence at Cambridge Crown Court

A 54-year-old voyeur from Peterborough was given a 21-week prison sentence at Cambridge Crown Court (pictured) after hiding a camera in a family bathroom - Credit: Chris Radburn/PA

A Peterborough man who secretly filmed his stepdaughters using his family bathroom has been jailed for 21 weeks.

The 54-year-old, who has not been named to protect his victims' identities, hid a camera in the main bathroom of a house which was used by his partner’s adult children and young grandson.

The camera was hidden in a light fitting.

When the case reached the courts, the man pleaded guilty to voyeurism and recording a private act.

He was sentenced to 21 weeks in prison at Cambridge Crown Court on Monday, July 25.

Detective Constable Em Scates, of Cambridgeshire Constabulary, said the man's family members were left "violated".

DC Scates, who investigated, said: "This family were violated in one of the most horrifying ways and it has been a long journey for them.

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"We have supported them throughout the investigation and have seen the impact this had had on them all.

"I am pleased justice has been served and they can now move forward with their lives."

The camera was discovered by one of the victims when she took her young son to the toilet.

According to police, the victim noticed that the light fitting looked strange.

On closer inspection, she discovered a small USB camera attached to a wire.

When he was confronted, the 54-year-old the man claimed the camera was designed to keep an eye on the family dog while he and his partner were out at work.

He gave "no comment" answers during a police interview.

Following his guilty plea and prison sentence, the family said in a statement it has taken two years to secure a sentence, and that they are now able to begin "on the road to recovery".

It reads: "We are all relieved to say after two years, justice has finally been served.

"We take peace in knowing this shocking crime was taken seriously by the police and courts.

"We all deserve privacy within the comfort of our own home and to discover we have unknowingly been preyed on is horrifying.

"We can now begin on the road to recovery and rebuilding our lives."