Perverted masseur secretly filmed 900 women undressing

Julian Roddis jailed for voyeurism

Julian Roddis was to the outside world a respected masseur – but hundreds of women were to learn of his perversion after he was caught secretly filming them. He was jailed for four years. - Credit: Cambs Police

A monster cloaked his perversion of secretly recording women undressing by offering professional massage services.  

The IT specialist turned masseur used a USB clock device which operated as a covert camera and was attached to his laptop while he gave massages.  

Julian Roddis secretly recorded more than 900 women undressing using the hidden camera clock. 

His crimes only came to light when one of the women became suspicious of the clock device and researched it online. 

She found an identical device with a hidden camera. 

Roddis, 50, was arrested and the USB camera clock was seized.  

It was analysed and found to contain more than 2,000 relevant video files. 

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In police interview Roddis admitted filming the women.  

He was charged with nine counts of voyeurism and pleaded guilty to these at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on April 30. 

His case was committed to Peterborough Crown Court for sentence and on July 8 he was jailed for four years.  

DC Helen Keighley, who investigated, said: “Many will read this case and think of what happened to these women as nothing short of a nightmare. 

“I can only imagine the woman’s horror when she discovered the clock in the massage room was in fact something much more sinister. 

“Roddis had set up working as a masseur but abused hundreds of women’s trust by privately filming them.  

“I hope the conviction gives the victims in this case a sense of closure and allows them to move on.” 

Roddis specialised in Bowen Therapy, a non-invasive technique that uses a series of hand movements to promote relief from musculoskeletal and related neurological complaints 

He also operated at one time from a wellness clinic that enhanced his air of respectability.  

Roddis had been a successful IT programmer but in recent years had built a reputation as a masseur. His CV says he worked as a Bowen Therapist since 2014.  

At one stage he also set up two companies – a sports company operating out of a business address in Wisbech. It was dissolved after two years.  

And he was also a director of an IT company, again for two years, but that was also dissolved.  

He was also a last-minute guest speaker in recent years at a breast cancer support group. The specialist nurse who should have been guest speaker was delayed because of the weather and so Roddis stepped in.  

Police issued a request this morning for anyone who knew specific places where Roddis, of Crowhurst, Peterborough, worked not to mention it on social media.  

A police spokesperson said on their Facebook page: “A reminder - all victims of voyeurism get automatic anonymity for life.  

“We have avoided naming where Roddis worked for this reason, so please do not write this in the comments.”