Police get 198 calls for Covid rule breakers - including groups in Brampton

Brampton Memorial Park

Covid rule breakers gather at Brampton Memorial Park in sunny weather. - Credit: Google Earth

Police received 198 calls relating to Covid breaches over the weekend – including groups gathering in Brampton Memorial Fields. 

The calls from across Cambridgeshire were up 10 per cent compared to the weekend before. 

Officers warned residents not to break the guidelines just because of the sunnier weather. 

A post on Facebook by Policing Huntingdonshire, read: “Many of our calls were around groups gathering in open spaces including Jesus Green in Cambridge, Brampton Memorial Fields and Fulbridge Recreation Ground in Peterborough to name a few.  

“While it’s lovely to see some sunshine, please don’t be tempted to break the guidelines. 

“We are all in this together and we all have a responsibility to follow the rules. 

“As always, thank you to everyone playing their part and helping save lives.”