Burglaries and vehicle thefts have fallen in Huntingdonshire since the start of 2020 despite police handing out prison sentences of 238 years across the county.

The district saw an increase in the crimes in 2019 in comparison to the same time frame the year before.

However, following the coronavirus pandemic, figures from Cambridgeshire Police showed that there has been a drop in dwelling burglaries, theft of vehicles and thefts from vehicles in Huntingdonshire.

There were 223 burglaries from January to October 2020, with 298 in the same period in 2019 and 287 2018.

Thefts of vehicles dropped from 151 in 2019 to 108 this year on from 124 in 2018.

Thefts of objects from vehicles, such as loose change and belongings on show, dropped to 434 from 597 last year and 591 in 2018.

It comes as Crime Reduction Officers targeted hotspot areas delivering letters to households where we have seen burglaries and vehicle crime.

Since the start of the 2020, the teams have secured prison sentences of just under 238 years for offences of burglary, robbery and vehicle crime including theft of vehicles and theft from vehicles.

Dwelling burglary, including aggravated burglary – 169 years and five months

Robbery – 60 years and six months

Vehicle crime – eight years