Crackdown on speeding to continue after Ramsey hotspot camera catches 50 speeders in five days

CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to continue their fight against speeding drivers after 50 motorists were caught breaking the limit in just five days.

David McCandless, who began to organise Speedwatch activities in residential hotspots in Ramsey after receiving numerous complaints from neighbours, said he persuaded police to carry out a full speed survey, which revealed cars were travelling at up 55mph in a 30mph zone and that nearly 40 per cent of drivers were breaking the limit.

The first speed van session in Wood Lane, Ramsey, on Friday, August 24, caught 35 speeding drivers. And on Tuesday, August 28, a speed gun caught another 15 drivers in approximately half an hour – even though it was set up only for a photocall.

“Speedwatch is not going to give up now. It is going to continue,” Mr McCandless said. “We are doing more sessions, sending out more letters and catching a higher percentage of people speeding.

“We are very active in identifying the hotspots and getting the police there for enforcement.”

Mr McCandless said it was not Speedwatch’s job to uphold the law but to give the police vital information so they could target their resources in the right areas.

However, he said, many of the areas he and his team had investigated did not suffer from speeding problems so much as having inappropriate speed limits.

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“When the 40mph speed limit was set up in Hill Rise, St Ives, for example, it didn’t have a pedestrian crossing,” he said. “Now that means cars can have a real difficulty in stopping when the lights change.”

However, in other areas, such as Earith High Street and Low Road, Fenstanton, the speed limit is correct – it is just that drivers do not obey it, Mr McCandless said.

One resident living near Buttsgrove Way, Huntingdon, also wrote into the Shape Your Place website to say the road was often “used like a race track”.

Mr McCandless said the Speedwatch team would continue to investigate areas where there were problems.