Covid cases in Hunts second-lowest for East of England - as district council ‘does not welcome’ second lockdown

Coronavirus cases recorded over the past week in Huntingdonshire are less than half the average for areas in England – as district council leader says he “does not welcome” second lockdown.

There have been 61 cases per 100,000 people in the district from October 25 to October 31.

The average area in England had 156.

109 cases were recorded in the same time frame, up 18 cases with the previous week.

The total number of cases up until November 3 is 1,549 with 138 registered deaths, according to the government ONS figures.

It comes as a new four-week lockdown is set to begin in England - replacing the current three-tier system until December 2.

However, with wider regional variations within England, Huntingdonshire District Council leader Cllr Ryan Fuller said the district had been working together to avoid another lockdown.

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In a statement earlier this week, he said: “I do not welcome the fact that England will be entering another national lockdown. As it stands, Huntingdonshire has the second-lowest infection rate numbers in the whole of the East of England.

“We have all been working together across the district to avoid the imposition of another lockdown that will be so very challenging for our residents and businesses.

“As we did before, the council will continue to operate as many services as possible in lockdown and as more guidance emerges this week, we will ensure residents and business are kept abreast of the latest support and information.

“We are ready and able to deliver direct support to residents, businesses and community groups as and when they may require it – something we have been doing continuously since March.

“I know that very few people will welcome the prospect of a further month-long lockdown, however, now that it is happening, we must take the opportunity to stem the transmission rate and ensure our local healthcare systems are not overwhelmed.”

The estimated prevalence in North West England is one in 43 people, while in the South East it is one in 220.

There have been more than one million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and 47,000 people have died, government figures show.

After a steady decline since the first peak in April, confirmed cases started rising again in July, with the rate of growth increasing sharply in September and October.