Covid-19 vaccine rolled out at care home in Huntingdon

A resident at Ferrars Hall receiving their vaccine

A resident at Ferrars Hall receiving their vaccine - Credit: Ferrars Hall

The Covid-19 vaccine has been rolled out at a care home in Huntingdon. 

Staff and residents at Ferrars Hall Care Home have been receiving their first Covid-19 vaccinations. 

The vaccination rollout has started at larger care and nursing homes in the area and with 66 beds, Ferrars Hall was one of the first in Huntingdon to receive the vaccinations. 

Home manager Susan Dunnell said: “Our staff and residents have been very patiently awaiting the moment that we can start to receive the vaccine,” 

“We certainly see this as a step in the right direction back to normality. I’d like to thank all of our residents, staff and family members for their understanding and fortitude during what has been a difficult time for everyone.  

“We are now starting to look forward to receiving guidance for welcoming families and visitors back to our care home”. 

Staff and residents at Country Court Care Homes have been eagerly anticipating the rollout of the new Covid-19 vaccine in their homes.  

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The government announced that vaccinations in care homes were to begin before Christmas and with more than 2,000 staff and 1,500 residents in Country Court Care Homes across the country, the vaccine has been keenly anticipated for several weeks.  

Residents at Ferrars Hall have received the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine with the delivery programme administered by a team from The Acorn Surgery in Huntingdon. 

Alykhan Kachra, CEO at Country Court said: “We are delighted that the vaccine rollout has started in our care homes. 

“Our homes have always been places where people can feel safe and secure, and now residents and staff have the added reassurance of receiving the Covid-19 vaccination.  

“Together with ongoing regular testing, this will give staff, residents and their families much-needed comfort and peace of mind. 

"The latest national lockdown has left many elderly people feeling vulnerable in their own homes, as they are cut off from the support of family and friends.  

"The rollout of the vaccinations will give people the confidence to consider moving to a care home, either permanently or for a short respite stay whilst shielding during the lockdown."