A mobile Covid-19 testing centre that was meant to be at One Leisure in Huntingdon today (September 11) is not there.

Large numbers of people have turned up at the site this morning to be told by staff from the leisure complex that they “didn’t know” why the test centre wasn’t there.

The unit was set to be at the site today (Friday), as stated on the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

Mandy Watkins, from Somersham, turned up at One Leisure with her daughter Orla at 10am to get a test for her, only to find there was no Covid-19 test in sight.

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She was instead greeted by one of the One Leisure staff, who told her they didn’t know why the unit wasn’t there.

Mandy said: “My daughter was sent home with a high temperature yesterday from school and is not allowed back into school, until she has had a Covid-19 test.

“I spent all day yesterday trying to get her a test and they could offer me was one in Bedford, so I saw that there was a Covid-19 testing centre in One Leisure Huntingdon today and took my daughter there.

“When we arrived there was many people there looking confused as the mobile testing centre was not there.

“We are unsure whether it has been moved to another location or not.”

The Hunts Post has contacted Cambridgeshire County Council for a comment.