Court told of St Neots nightclub shooting

A BOUNCER was shot in the head as he tried to keep order at a St Neots nightclub, a jury has been told.

A BOUNCER was shot in the head as he tried to keep order at a St Neots nightclub, a jury has been told.

Christopher Tann says he was chatting to colleagues on the steps of the St Neots’ Unique Bar and Night Club when he suddenly realised he was looking down the double barrel of a shotgun pointing from a car.

In what prosecutors described as a clear attempt to kill, they say Mr Tann had little time to react before pellets from the gun were embedded into his face on December 18 last year.

Doorman, Mr Tann, survived bullets to the head but was said to be shocked by the attack as he dived for cover.

Cambridge Crown Court heard how Jack William Smith, of The Caravan Park, Cambridge, Road, taunted door staff with threats of: “You’re dead” earlier in the evening.

Outlining the case to the jury of seven men and five women, Angela Rafferty said Smith had been enjoying a Christmas drink at the South Street bar, but later the 28-year-old had a row with his partner and was escorted from the premises by club security, Ms Rafferty said.

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She went on to say that Smith “wasn’t very happy about being asked to leave” and said to staff: “Just leave me and I’ll leave by myself.”

He exited through the fire escape but stayed outside for some time afterwards as he waited for his partner to come out, the court heard.

On hearing his threats, Ms Rafferty admits doormen “didn’t take it seriously” because they had heard similar taunts from others throughout their careers.

However, 20 minutes later Mr Tann says he spotted a BMW driving past the night club and knew Smith was inside.

“He noticed two circular tubes pointed through the window of the car,” Ms Rafferty said.

“He recognised what they were. He remembers hearing a loud bang and feeling a strike impact to the side of his face.

“He put his hands up to his face and was diving for cover because he had been shot.

“Thankfully and mercifully” he survived, she said - but it was “more through luck than judgement”.

Police arrested Smith a few days later and staged a reconstruction of the incident at the scene using the defendant’s car to try and find out what happened.

Smith denies attempted murder, wounding with intent, having a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possessing a fireman with intent to endanger life.

The case, expected to last two weeks, continues.