Court sanctions for anti-social neighbour

A NIGHTMARE neighbour from Sawtry faces eviction if she cannot abide by conditions handed down by a court.

A NIGHTMARE neighbour from Sawtry faces eviction if she cannot abide by conditions handed down by a court.

In a three-day trial, Cambridge County Court heard of Park Road residents’ complaints against Carla Godwin, a tenant of Accent Nene, including problems with noise, dogs, visitors, and threats to local residents dating from 2004 to the present day.

Neighbours, police and Accent Nene’s local housing officer all gave evidence to the court against Ms Godwin, who contested the case. Evidence in support of her came from family, friends and neighbours.

After finding in favour of Accent Nene, the court imposed restrictions on Ms Godwin if she is to stay in her property. These include terms not to play music after 10pm, that no dog should live at the house and that her brother, James Godwin, who featured in the case, cannot visit the property.

If Ms Godwin breaches those terms, she faces eviction.

Injunction orders with powers of arrest were also made against Ms Godwin and her partner Arthur Allum until January 26 2012 to stop them causing a nuisance to anyone in Park Road. Conditions include not to harass or behave threateningly to anyone in Park Road and not to drink alcohol outside the front of the properties.

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During the course of his ruling, Judge Michael Yelton said: “I accept the records of the neighbours…and the present noise from the dogs, music and visitors is unacceptable. It is clear that in 2010 the situation improved, but it is clear Mr Allum had been threatening towards named neighbours. The defendant is in breach of her tenancy agreement.”

Adele French, anti-social behaviour co-ordinator for Accent Nene, said: “Any Accent Nene tenant or a member of their household or visitors who seriously disrupt the community will not be allowed to continue their anti-social behaviour.”

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