Pension campaigners told Court of Appeal will hear case

Pension campaigners told they can go back to court

Pension campaigners told they can go back to court - Credit: Archant

Womens’ pension campaigners in Huntingdonshire are celebrating after hearing their case is to go back before the courts.

The WASPI Huntingdonshire Supporters Group (1950's women) say they were delighted to learn of the court decision that may help the 4,000 women in Huntingdonshire who have lost up to six years of their state pensions.

Members of the local Women Against State Pension Increase (WASPI) group heard that permission had been granted to the 'Back To 60' campaign for a further hearing, this time in the Court of Appeal.

The High Court announced on October 3 last year that the women's case of sex and age discrimination regarding changes to their pension provision had been rejected "on all grounds".

A fresh hearing will now take place in the more senior Court of Appeal and all grounds will be looked at again.

"This is brilliant news," said local WASPI spokesperson Heather Cook.

"We were horrified when the High Court threw the case out. We 1950s women have obviously been treated unfairly. We paid into the National Insurance fund for decades, only to be told at the last minute that we would have to wait several more years for the pensions we were relying on from age 60.

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"Now there will be a new hearing by more senior judges, although we don't know yet when that will be."

If you are affected and want to join the FB local group: Huntingdonshire WASPI Supporters Group email: