A soon to be married couple have taken on a Greengrocers in St Neots, after it’s previous owner had kept it running for 40 years.

Dave Marshall, the new owner of the store, which is located in Cross Keys Dave Marshall, the new owner of the store, which is located in Cross Keys

Steph Brown, 44 and Dave Marshall 41 decided to buy the store ‘Hamiltons’ off the previous owner in a ‘mad moment’.

The shop, which is situated down cross-keys had previously been owned by well known greengrocer Barry Hamilton who retired just before Christmas.

Dave, who worked as a lorry driver for 20 years said: “It was more Steph’s ideas than my idea. I think she decided that in a mad moment we would buy the store. It’s something different for us to take on, and something that we aren’t use to.”

Although the shop is still trading under the same name, the new management has meant that the couple could make a few weeks to the running of the store.

“We have changed the layout of the shop a bit to make it a bit easier for customers to get around. We also now get our fruit and vegetables daily, which means they are fresh and we don’t store anything over night. I hope this will help us attract more customers as well as keep the regular ones.”

If this challenge wasn’t enough, the couple are also set to get married in March.

“We haven’t made things easy for ourselves. This year is going to be so busy, and we barely even get time to see each other. We are also opening a hardware and electrical shop across from Hamiltons, which will come under the same umbrella.”

The new store will be located directly opposite the shop, and is set to be open later on this year.

Dave said: “We haven’t got a final date for the opening but it will be this year. It has been very stressful but hopefully worth it.”

INFO: Hamiltons is open 7 days a week, with the store offering free delivery on fruit and vegetables from 6:30am – 7pm.