Couple’s challenge to offer the true spirit of Christmas

A COUPLE are looking to spread a little festive cheer on Christmas Day - if they can find a good cause wishing to take up their offer.

Musician Richard Wells, pictured, and wife Bridget, of Bishop’s Road, Somersham are willing to forsake the traditional Christmas TV and board games to spend the day in the true spirit of the season - giving to others.

But so far, their efforts to find a beneficiary have come to nought. Mr Wells is an entertainer and would be willing to perform on the day, or just help with cooking or cleaning chores.

He said: “We would normally go home to family, but my wife has an appointment to keep in the morning, so we thought we would rather help others, than stay at home.

“We have asked churches in Cambridge and all the care homes, and they said we don’t really need anyone. I have tried about a dozen people, but they have said we are asking too late, or they just say ‘no.’”

INFORMATION: If you know a good cause in need of a helping hand on Christmas Day e-mail Mr Wells on