County council vows to take action over ‘slippery and dangerous’ footpath

The footpath in Brampton that is causing conern for cyclists and walkers.

The footpath in Brampton that is causing conern for cyclists and walkers. - Credit: Archant

Users of a busy footpath that links Brampton with Huntingdon say it has become a health hazard because of a natural spring that is spilling mud and sludge across its surface.

The footpath runs along-side Huntingdon Road and is in regular use by walkers and cyclists but, in the last six months, it has become increasingly fraught with danger because of a natural spring that runs beside it.

According to villagers, the spring carries water, sludge, and leaves across the road, making it slippery for walkers and cyclists, particularly in colder temperatures.

Councillor John Morris, who represents Brampton on Huntingdonshire District Council, said: “The spring is causing water to run across the roadway, which is a major part of the national cycleway network and the main road from Brampton to Huntingdon.

“I am urging the county council to take action to resolve the problem. The water is running down one side of the road to the other side and it is very slippery to walk or cycle through.

“During particularly cold weather it can freeze up which is very dangerous. I’m aware of a couple of cyclists who have fallen off because of the issue.”

Cllr Morris said the spring had been an issue for a number of years, but added that the problem had become particularly acute in recent months.

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A spokesman for the county council said: “We have looked at the issue and are investigating what would be the best drainage scheme to permanently deal with what we believe is a spring that is flowing onto the path.”