COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS: All the results from Huntingdonshire

The count for the Cambridgshire County Council election gets under way at One Leisure in St Ives.

The count for the Cambridgshire County Council election gets under way at One Leisure in St Ives. - Credit: Archant

UKIP suffered a telling blow in the county council elections as the Conservatives claimed all of the party’s seats in Huntingdonshire.

Polling Station at Hartford Village Hall.

Polling Station at Hartford Village Hall. - Credit: Archant

Voters in the district turned away from UK Independence Party in the Cambridgeshire County Council elections, leaving the party without a single representative in the district.

At the last election in 2013 there were 19 seats up for grabs but, following boundary changes, this was reduced to 17 for this year’s election, with a whole host of new wards created.

Due to the defections of Councillors Simon Bywater and Mike Tew, UKIP numbers were already down in Huntingdonshire, and it didn’t improve in the results following the vote on Thursday.

Conservative councillors members celebrate a successful election.

Conservative councillors members celebrate a successful election. - Credit: Archant

The party also lost key figures including Paul Bullen and Peter Reeve with both of their seats now being taken up by Conservative candidates.

Jonathan Djanogly, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Huntingdon, said: “I think to have taken the three UKIP seats has been a tremendous achievement.

“This is representative of what is going on around the country elsewhere as the Conservatives work hard.

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“If we could have taken Huntingdon North and Hartford that would have been great but we have got to have something to work for next time.”

Liberal Democrat councillors at the count in St Ives.

Liberal Democrat councillors at the count in St Ives. - Credit: Archant

Mr Djanogly said that there are a number of younger candidates coming forward and he hopes this will help further Tory dominance in future elections.

At the last election, in 2013, Conservative domination was checked as the number of seats held by the Tories was cut to eight from the 16 won in 2009 - on this occasion the party walked away with 11 seats.

There was, however, a strong result for both the Liberal Democrats and independent councillors – as both entered the day three councillors and ended with the same amount.

Sarah Conboy, Huntingdonshire Liberal Democrat group leader, said: “I am delighted, we have got three amazing candidates who have worked really hard and that has been recognised by our voters.

“We will keep doing what we have always done and work for our constituents all year round.”

Mrs Conboy added that she felt that this was only the start of the party’s resurgence with its membership growing.

In Huntingdon West there was a shock for the Conservatives as long-serving councillor Sir Peter Brown lost his seat to independent councillor Tom Sanderson – a former Tory - by 486 votes.

The further two independent candidates were Councillor Derek Giles, in St Neots The Eatons, and Councillor Simone Taylor, in St Neots Eynesbury - both retained their seats.

Turnout for the mayoral election in #Huntingdonshire was 32.75 per cent and 33.2 per cent for the county council election


St Neots Eynesbury (St Neots Independent HOLD)

Robert Moores (Conservative) 649

Claire Piper (Liberal Democrat) 228

Simone Leigh Taylor (St Neots Independent Group) 818

Sam Wakeford (Labour) 189

Spoiled ballots: Five

Turnout: 23.89 per cent

Warboys and The Stukeleys (CON gain)

Paul Bullen (UKIP) 273

Tony Hulme (Liberal Democrat) 248

Terry Rogers (Conservative) 1,142

Graeme Leslie Watkins (Labour and

Co-operative Party) 166

Spoiled ballots: 13

Turnout: 32.44 per cent

St Neots East and Gransden (CON hold)

James Catmur (Liberal Democrat) 375

James Edward Corley (Your Community, My Priority) 218

Stephen Hinchley (Labour) 188

Julie Eileen Wisson (Conservative) 865

Spoiled ballots: Five

Turnout: 33.65 per cent

Godmanchester and Huntingdon South (Lib Dem Hold)

Bill Hensley (Conservative) 656

Dan Morris (UKIP) 152

Samuel Paul Sweek (Labour) 282

Graham Martin Wilson (Liberal Democrat) 1,194

Spoiled ballots: Seven

Turnout: 34.04 per cent

The Hemingfords and Fenstanton (CON hold)

Ian Cyril Temple Bates (Conservative) 1,766

Robert Anthony Leach (Labour) 289

David John Priestman (Liberal Democrat) 785

Spoiled ballots: 24

Turnout: 38.27 per cent

St Ives South and Needingworth (CON hold)

Kevin Reynolds (Conservative) 1,491

John Watson (Labour) 537

Lakkana Rajiv Peiris Yalagala (Liberal Democrat) 488

Spoiled ballots: 34

Turnout: 33.08 per cent

Sawtry and Stilton (CON gain)

Simon Bywater (Conservative) 2,022

Margaret Cochrane (Labour) 405

Geoff Harvey (Liberal Democrat) 244

Roger Henson (UKIP) 269

Spoiled ballots: 13

Turnout: 31.95 per cent

Yaxley and Farcet (CON hold)

Mac McGuire (Conservative) 1,118

Jonathan Hugh Orchard (Labour) 558

Paul Richardson (UKIP) 457

Spoiled ballots: 19

Turnout: 25.71 per cent

Ramsey and Bury (CON gain)

Adela Eva Costello (Conservative) 1,296

Kevin John Minnette (Labour) 260

Peter David Reeve (UKIP) 1,152

Alex Wasyliw (Liberal Democrat) 163

Spoiled ballots: 6

Turnout: 36.41 per cent

Brampton and Buckden (LIB DEM hold)

Peter James Downes (Liberal Democrat) 1,536

Sue Foster (Labour) 205

Hamish Vaughan Masson (Conservative) 1,422

Spoiled ballots: 11

Turnout: 40.69 per cent

St Ives North and Wyton (CON gain)

Sam Feeney (Labour) 391

Ryan Fuller (Conservative) 1,223

David Hodge (Liberal Democrat) 404

Margaret Teresa King (UKIP) 238

Spoiled ballots: 22

Turnout: 28.29 per cent

Alconbury and Kimbolton (CON win)

Michael George Baker (Liberal Democrat) 973

Ian Derek Gardener (Conservative) 1,943

Kevin Roy Goddard (Labour) 231

Spoiled ballots: 21

Turnout: 39.69 per cent

Huntingdon West (IND gain)

Sir Peter Brown (Conservative) 532

Joe Jordan (Liberal Democrat) 299

Patrick Kadewere (Labour) 247

Tom Sanderson (independent) 1,018

Spoiled ballots: Seven

Turnout: 29.56 per cent

St Neots Priory Park and Little Paxton (CON hold)

Paul Davies (Your Community, My Priority) 565

Christine Rosemary Green (Labour) 255

Carol McMahon (Liberal Democrat) 599

David John Wells (Conservative) 1,069

Spoiled ballots 14

Turnout: 31.68 per cent

Huntingdon North and Hartford (LIB DEM hold)

Peter Henry Ashcroft (UKIP) 265

Emily Jill Barley (Conservative) 838

Doctor Nik Johnson (Labour) 532

Michael Shellens (Liberal Democrat) 882

Spoiled ballots: 15

Turnout: 30.10 per cent

Somersham and Earith (CON hold)

Steve Criswell (Conservative) 1,862

Callum Duffy (UKIP) 178

Tony Jebson (Liberal Democrat) 393

Iain Ramsbottom (Labour) 299

Spoiled ballots: 14

Turnout: 35.71 per cent

St Neots The Eatons (St Neots Independent Group hold)

James Edward Bartrick (Liberal Democrat) 250

Bob Farrer (independent) 388

Rob Gardiner (Labour) 217

Derek Arthur Giles (St Neots Independent Group) 1,506

Beth Hughes (Conservative) 893

Spoiled ballots: 14

Turnout: 34.34 per cent.



St Neots Eaton Ford (St Neots Independent Group hold)

Charles Edward Bober (St Neots Independent Group) 854

Keith Ivan Prentice (Conservative) 788

Michael James Walker (Liberal Democrat) 353