Councillor demands action after residents are left in the dark in Huntingdon street

Norfolk Road street lights, Huntingdon residents (l-r) Liz Mesangcaz, Alec Eldridge, Carol Hansell,

Norfolk Road street lights, Huntingdon residents (l-r) Liz Mesangcaz, Alec Eldridge, Carol Hansell, and Trevor Kitchen, with (front) Councillor Patrick Kadewere, - Credit: Archant

Elderly residents say they have been left feeling “very vulnerable” after contractors working for Cambridgeshire County Council failed to replace a lamp post in their street.

The lamp post, in Norfolk Road, Huntingdon, was removed last year by contractors Balfour Beatty on behalf of the county council, much to the dismay of residents, who say that they now fear for their safety after dark.

The plan had been for the old post to be removed and for new lamp to be installed but a re-think by the council has left residents without either.

Councillor Patrick Kadewere, who represents the Huntingdon North Ward, said: “They are very much concerned about their safety due to inconsiderate removal of the lamp post which was supposed to be replaced.”

At a meeting of Norfolk Road residents on January 22 many expressed their concern at feeling unsafe in their own neighbourhood.

Resident Amanda Whitlock said: “This has now made me and other members of my family and friends visiting feel very vulnerable when parking or leaving late at night due to the area now being very dark.”

And elderly residents living in Norfolk Road say that they have become fearful of leaving their homes because of the poor lighting.

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Carol Hansell said: “My neighbour is in his eighties and will be unable to leave his home easily and I will be 69 this year with poor eyesight. I’m unable to see my path and door to put my key in on returning home.”

Cllr Kadewere said he had contacted the county council a number of times but has been met by a wall of silence.

“This is disgraceful as it is a statuary duty for councils to keep our community safe,” said Cllr Kadewere.

“As a district and town councillor I will convince the responsible council on behalf of our residence to reverse their decision and replace back the lamp posts they have removed.”

A spokesman for Balfour Beatty told the Hunts Post that a consultation would be carried out to find out whether the light is needed.

A company spokesman said: “Balfour Beatty Living Places have spoken to the affected residents in Norfolk Road and are due to conduct a lighting level check next week. This will assess the level of light in the area. Following the results of this check, action will be taken as appropriate.”