Council ‘will consider’ an application for new graveyard cameras

Donna Gillespie has spoken of her thanks to the community after vandals destory her daughter's grave

Donna Gillespie has spoken of her thanks to the community after vandals destory her daughter's grave - Credit: Archant

Huntingdonshire District Council has said it will consider any application for CCTV at a Huntingdon cemetery.

The news comes after heartbroken mother, Donna Gillespie, launched a petition calling for cameras at Primrose Lane cemetery having discovered precious items left at the grave of her stillborn daughter, Jasmine, had been smashed.

After taking to social media about the vandalism and launching a petition, the community have shared similar experiences, with more than 200 people backing her campaign.

One of those is Jasmine’s dad, Robert Price, 41, who has spoken out against those who desecrated the grave on March 21.

“It is absolutely disgusting. It is the first time that I realised that they didn’t have any CCTV there.

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“I think all graveyards should have CCTV in them but that graveyard has seen more trouble [than others],” said Mr Price, of The Headlands, Huntingdon.

“It took us years to be able to lay Jasmine to rest properly, now nobody can leave her in peace and that is her final resting place.

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“Something has got to be done, nobody wants their relatives’ graves to be damaged.”

Despite the backing from the district council, the cemetery is owned and run by Huntingdon Town Council.

A spokesman for the district council said: “The authority would work with Huntingdon Town Council on any application for CCTV in the area around the graveyard.”

Currently, the town council has no plans to apply for CCTV at the graveyard, but according to town clerk Philip Peacock, it hasn’t been ruled out.

Mr Peacock confirmed that if town councillors wished to bring up the possibility it would be discussed at the next meeting of the leisure and community services committee, in June.

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