Council’s mowers are simply not cutting it for resident in Eaton Socon

Sheila Ryan, from Clover Road, Eaton Socon, by her grass verge,

Sheila Ryan, from Clover Road, Eaton Socon, by her grass verge, - Credit: Archant

A St Neots’ resident says the grass verges near her home have not been cut for so long they are starting to resemble a cow field.

Sheila Ryan, from Clover Road in Eaton Socon, has been forced to cut the grass outside her home herself and has become frustrated with the standard of work even when it does get done.

“Everybody round here keeps their front gardens nice and I can stand here now looking out the front and it’s disgusting,” said Mrs Ryan.

The verges are maintained by Huntingdonshire District Council, but Cambridgeshire County Council oversees the work.

“They just don’t do it,” she continued.

“This has been a problem for a couple of years now. If they can’t afford to keep them they should not have them.”

Even when work is carried out though, Mrs Ryan says it is not done to a high standard.

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“When they do cut it then you get left with great clumps of grass and it goes all over the pavement and up people’s houses. They don’t cut it properly. It looks scruffy.

“I have trimmed it myself a couple of times, but I am 66. We all pay for this service and we’re not getting it. You have to drag the mower through the house, then get a great big extension cable.

“Even if I cut the bit by me there is a big amount of grass next to me. It just looks horrible.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council responded: “We work with Huntingdonshire District Council to cut the verges. They do this work on our behalf.

“Normally verges are cut in Huntingdonshire three times or more a year. They are cutting in the St Neots area currently and we will pass on the comments of the resident to them.”