Council to invest in litter reduction projects in bid to help clear up the district

The plans were announced by Huntingdonshire District Council.

The plans were announced by Huntingdonshire District Council. - Credit: Archant

Huntingdonshire District Council has pledged to deliver five innovative litter minimisation projects over the next year, in an effort to support its environmental goals.

The new projects come from the council's corporate strategic plan, which will underpin part of the authority's focus on social responsibility and pride of place under its 'Love Huntingdonshire' branding.

The five projects include; a town centre project encouraging people to recycle on the go, a project on roadside litter, targeting motorists who litter; and a project on business responsibility, making sure that businesses are educated in ways they can improve recycling.

The projects will also focus on fly tipping, which will see the district council "engage on impact and cause, plus a bulky collection pilot scheme".

Lastly, the council will focus on rural litter, where reduction initiatives will be rolled out to encourage and educate within primary schools.

Executive councillor for operations and regulation, Councillor Marge Beuttell, said: "I'm keen to see these ambitious projects kick off. We all utilise and love Huntingdonshire every day and having clean streets and environments make our district a more attractive place to live and invest.

"I'm positive we'll achieve success by focusing efforts on more than just the traditional methods of responding to litter, but also educating communities on prevention and the impact littering has and how they can improve the way they deal with recycling.

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"By directing specific resource at key areas of concern, we can all play our role in the projects and significantly reduce incidences of littering in the district by increasing civic pride and responsibility. Of course, that starts with simple and small tasks, such as just taking your litter home."

Outside the scope of the council's litter minimisation projects, the council has said it will have a longstanding focus on clearing up and continues to support a growing number of community litter pick activities - more than 35 to date since April of this year.

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