Police warning as ‘large numbers’ meet in Huntingdon to play football and hold street party as temperatures soar

A street party and “large numbers” of people playing football in a Huntingdon park were reported to police going against social distancing rules this weekend.

Officers warned residents to stick to government guidelines during Covid-19 after a street party took place in Alconbury Weald and football was played at Sapley Park.

Cambridgeshire police said they had “far too many reports” of groups enjoying the weather in the district, as temperatures hit 20 degrees.

In a post of Policing Huntingdonshire, it read: “It is essential to remain at home and not arrange to meet others outside of your household.

“These guidelines are in place to protect us all.”

Elsewhere, in St Neots officers caught a man stealing a bike in front of their eyes in Market Square.

He was arrested for theft of a pedal cycle.

A man was also searched and arrested for possession with intent to supply cannabis after he was spotted not social distancing while smoking.