A national and local Facegroup have been set up to help

An appeal has been launched for more volunteers to help make scrubs for NHS Staff at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

A Facebook group called ‘Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough, For the Love of Scrubs’ has been set up by Maxine Welford, who saw a national group called ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ had been created by Ashleigh and George Linsdell.

Frontline staff at Hinchingbrooke received their first delivery of scrubs from the group earlier this month.

Maxine said: “I saw the Facebook posts on the national group and realised there was a lot that people like me who could make these from home, safely, could do to help.

“Nurses have been explaining on social media that this is because they are needing to change scrubs when they leave the Covid wards.

“Our group can help provide these quickly now that we have fabric available.

“I just felt that I needed to help do my bit to support keeping these front-line workers and their patients safe if I could.”

“We are expecting to now make at least 250 sets of scrubs in the next couple of weeks.

“We are hoping that other local businesses will also donate to Friends of Peterborough Hospital Trust so that the needs for the frontline staff can be met locally.”

Hinchingbrooke school has provided the use of their textiles department, for Maxine to use as a space and so she can work there and use it as a central hub for storage, cutting out and distribution.

Jo Bennis, chief nurse at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust said: “As a trust we have been overwhelmed with the amount of kindness that has come from the community.

“We’re grateful to those who have donated their time and effort in supporting both our hospitals and staff.

“It means a lot to our staff knowing that they have all this support from our local community, which keeps them going while they care for our patients and each other in

such unprecedented times.”

If you would like to get involved with ‘Hinchingbrooke and Peterborough, For the Love of Scrubs’ visit the Facebook group at: www.facebook.com/groups/910501709410748.