Coronavirus: council is asking public to avoid face-to-face contact and explore digital options

HEADQUARTERS: Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House

HEADQUARTERS: Huntingdonshire District Council's Pathfinder House - Credit: Archant

Huntingdonshire District Council - which provides vital services across the area - has issued advice to the public about how it is going to operate over the coming weeks.

In a statement on the council’s website, it said: “During these unprecedented times, we would like to reassure our customers that we are taking Coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and will continually monitor the information and advice from Public Health England (PHE) and national Government guidance.”

The council has set up a page on the website which is designed to explain up-to-date information and how it impacts the services it runs.

“The Government is asking people to minimise social interaction in order to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus. And as a council, we are committed to ensuring essential services continue to operate for customers, but we need your help to slow the spread of the virus. In order to do this, we are reducing face-to-face contact wherever possible to protect customers and staff.

“We ask all customers, in the first instance, to request services through our website where possible, and only visit the council offices as a last resort.

“If you require a council service, please explore any digital or electronic way of resolving your inquiry first before you get in contact via telephone. As we follow Government guidance and work hard to keep all services running smoothly during this time, your assistance to reduce the demand on our call centres is greatly appreciated.”

The council says it will continue to provide refuse collections and street cleaning, but the number of properties it is able to let on its Home Link system may be impacted. The council’s website also has information on business rates and council meetings as well as the latest Government advice.

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