Fake letters sent out telling people there is photographic evidence of them failing to obey social distancing rules

Fake lettes on social distancing have been received by people living in Bluntisham

Fake lettes on social distancing have been received by people living in Bluntisham - Credit: Archant

Fake letters claiming to be from Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) saying they have “photographic evidence” of people failing to obey social distancing have been circulating in Bluntisham.

Council bosses have now tweeted to alert residents that the letters are not real and people should “disregard” them.

They state that people are “infringing on emergency laws” and are officially addressed to the homeowner with the heading ‘Covid-19 Public Awareness Monitoring – Huntingdon District 9’.

The letters, which have spelling mistakes and poor grammar, read: “During the current Covid-19 outbreak, the UK government has put restrictions for persons movement during this crises.

“It has come to the attention of HDC that member(s) of your household may have failed to obey current legal legislation for restriction of movement from and to the property aforementioned above.

“Photographic evidence has come to our attention of multiple visits within Bluntisham boundaries, both single persons and couples.

“At this time we will not peruse this matter further, however if excessive movement on non essential movements are noticed both by the photographic, videographic evidence when we will peruse this as a possible infringement of emergency laws.”

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HDC warned residents that they would not send a letter about individual whereabouts but just remind everyone to “practice social distancing and self isolation as laid out by government guidance”.

They tweeted: “We are aware that some residents have received letters claiming to be from HDC, explaining that they have failed to obey self/isolation and social distancing procedures.

“These letters are not from the District Council. Please disregard.

“Huntingdonshire District Council do not issue this type of letter about individual whereabouts.”

One person commented on Twitter: “It has not been correctly proof read before publication and distribution, this is always a good way to spot a fake.”

While another added: “People really have nothing better to do with their time, it is concerning to see this is happening while people are scared and suffering due to coronavirus.”